08 September 2006


Above: Angels-Me, Pen(PE) & Misho(Australia) ; Me and Megan(Stellenbosch) ; Christiaan(USA) and I

So...as most of you would agree...different stages of life mean meeting new people, and making new friends...and sometimes losing touch with old friends...the latter not being one of the most exciting things ever! So...this blog is a tribute to all the special people in my life...whether you live on another continent or not...and whether we are in regular contact or not-so-regular contact...i want you guys to know that i have the best memories ever and i would not trade any of them...good times! Angels...you girls are the bomb!

Below: Amanda(USA) & Stef (JHB) ; Me and Pips (Canada/USA) ; Rachel (England) & Grace (Stellenbosch)


Blogger brett FISH said...


Where me?

5:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice angels ... :-)


9:31 am  

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