08 September 2006

More pics...

Above: Miss Casey(America-land) & I ; Claire (N.Ireland) & I ; Ludwich & Desiree (Stellenbosch)

Below : Charis, Kirst(Canada at the moment) & Jude(Northern Ireland) ; Michael(Hermanus) & I ; Wendy(Northern Ireland) & I in Brussels ; Rohb(in London)


Blogger dr riptide said...

Hi Charis! It's great that you have a blog up now! Hopefully we'll be able to stay in better touch. Mark and I also have a blog. It's: www.symptomaticrelief.blogspot.com
You can catch up on my life from that.



6:35 pm  
Blogger Roderick said...

look its me! woooo
scrrrrrrrunty scrunt scrunt

11:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! It's Rohb and Michael.... I've been gone far too long from S.A.... I doubt they would know who I am though!

Thanks for allowing me to catch up on the life of Charis... it keeps me sane knowing my S.A friens are all well and dandy :)


5:06 am  

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