14 September 2006

Spring Sneezes...

Well what a lovely day it is! I love Spring...always makes me smile...so much closer to Summer...and getting bronzed! he, he! In all honesty though, i am quite sure that Vit D is a happy drug and when it gets into our system we can't help but smile and be happy! The only downside is that hayfever i seem to be getting bugged with...i'm not a fan of sneezing a million times in a row...but then again...there is sunshine!!! (look into the sun Ludwich!)

So...i figured i need to get writing since this blog is not going to fill itself...and i've heard from various sources that pictures are just not enough to get people to come back to your blog...so i'll try write some Charis stuff for you all to read!

Also...i've had a few requests to add more friend photos...so here goes...sorry Brett! Also...check out Brett's blog...he's got some great thoughts! Here is a pic of him and Mark Baker...

This week has been really great...i thought i'd be lonely with a lot of people away on holiday and at conferences and all, but it has been refreshing to say the least! I had dinner with Gail and Kathleen at my place on Monday night and it was so good just to chat and have a bit of a girly night! Kathleen is 6 months pregnant...and Gail has 2 daughters in their 20's, so there was lots of parenting talk...of course...the more i find out now the better i suppose...so it was great fun!

Then i went to movies with Rod on Tuesday night to see 'Lady in the Water'...it's a fairytale story...i really enjoyed it...even though there were some scary parts where some creature called a scrunt came up out of the grass to eat the narf...a bit hard to explain...go see it!(Ay Roddie...i remembered their names!) It was a fun evening...completed by a McDonalds jnr chicken burger or 2!
A pic of Rod...

Work is going well...we are rather busy all of a sudden, so i guess this is the start of the high season we're coming into now! Going to be rather busy i think, but much better than not having any guests!

Hope you are all doing well and loving life! Until next time...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you; "lady in the water" is pretty cool... and I may or may not have jumped out of my seat a couple times.

3:45 pm  

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