09 October 2006

It's a new day...

Hi everyone!

Well, as some of you may have known, i took some time off from worship last month and it was great! God's timing is just so perfect! I had some reasons why i thought i should take some time off...but looking back, i've been blown away at how God's ways are so much higher than mine! Sometimes i wonder what His reason is for doing things, not always quite so clear at first...but if we push past the uncertainty, He rewards us for our faith in trusting Him in everything!

So...in a nutshell...the past month has been both testing and exciting! I think the biggest thing for me has been that God has shown me that He has made me ME for a reason...and that my identity is in HIM and not in the fact that i can sing, or play an instrument, or lead a time of singing, or write a song...i do believe those talents were given to me by God...and i intend to keep using them ;-) ...but i feel like my identity is not in those things...it is in the One who created me and gave me those things! So that's quite exciting! Yay for God!

This past Sunday was my first week back leading and it felt different to other times...more real...more clear...less scary...and about me...and more about how BIG God is! I'm trusting the church were able to really connect with God through the songs we sang and that God was pleased by the praises of His people!

Thanks to everyone who took the time out to pray for me during my 'time-out' and those who encouraged me to seek God and learn to hear His voice more clearly! I have the most wonderful friends ever! Yay!

To infinity and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!



Blogger Nicola said...

Time off really does help doesn't it! I took 2 months off from worship leading in January and February this year and it really helped me to refocus on what was iMportant!


By the way.. there's a high chance Max and I will be coming to SA in September next year! I'm so excited!

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Blogger Roderick said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Charis,
My name is Maria Dawn. I stumbled across your blog through Kathryn Scott's myspace page. I saw that you are in South Africa and from what i can tell from reading just a few of your blogs you are leading worship at a church! Wow! doing that very thing is one of my dreams! I have had the desire to minister in Africa for a few years but God has not revealed to me when He wants me to go. So in the mean-time i am praying for the people i will meet and that God will prepare me in whatever way i need to be to carry out His purpose for me. In this blog you talked about God's timing and how it's always perfect and i couldn't agree more. i just recently decided to "date God" for at least the next six months...something i never thought i would do! but already God has shown me many things i never could have seen if i had been in an earthly relationship. and just as you discovered at the time you wrote this blog, i too, am discovering who i am as a woman of God.
This blog has given me encouragement that i am doing the right thing in my Faith Walk right now. Isn't it amazing how God can use complete strangers to show us His never-ending love?!
i will pray for you, Charis, as you continue to lead worship for God's people and experince Him in many different ways!

In God's Grip,
Maria Dawn

2:12 am  

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