23 November 2006

A long time coming...

Hello lovely people!

I have started to get a few emails from disappointed blog readers because i've not been updating my information as much as i should be! Oops! So sorry guys!

So...i went camping in Koelbay 2 weeks ago...just for 1 night...but it was amazing! I went with Rod and Mark...they went to surf and i went to tan...and we all achieved our goals! Our camping site was right on the beach...check out the pic i took from just outside our tent of the beach!

It was so nice just to relax and chat around the fire! Also had a bit of a scare when the guys went for a surf the next morning and i was washing my hair...under a COLD water tap might i add...and i saw 2 baboons coming towards the tent! I ran back and put some of the food into the tent...and then jumped in myself...and watched as they ate our leftovers...and stole our muesli! It was rather scary...and all i could think was...if they lift the packet and eat out of it with their hands...maybe they could also unzip the tent and i wouldn't be so safe anymore! (of course i only thought about this once i was trapped in the tent with them outside!) Then i heard the guys come back...shouting and throwing rocks to try to get them away...i was so relieved! It was a scary moment and i'm glad they came back before the tent was unzipped! hehe

Got some get pictures of the sunset...so will pop in some for the next blog!

Life has become a bit mad at the moment...busy season has started and is in full swing here at the guesthouse and time off is very rare! I did have last weekend off though, and went up the West Coast with a few friends from church...to Yzerfontein! I've never been there before...and it was rather lovely...i might be tempted to go back!! A great time of chilling out and getting some sunshine! Also wrote a song...i wrote the verse in the morning while playing a bit of guitar in my room...then played it for Brett and Megs...and they gave some suggestions and we wrote a pre-chorus and chorus! Then Mark joined us and we fixed up the chorus a bit...and now we are pretty happy with it! It's much more fun writing with others than just having your own ideas! Maybe you'll hear it one day! ;-)

So as you can tell...i'm still passionate about music...singing, writing songs etc...and of course there must always be time made for this...it makes life much more fun!

I'll send some pics soon too...of my time up the West Coast!

Hope you are all doing well and loving life!

xxx C xxx


Blogger Roderick said...

damn baboons ate my brekkie :(

5:25 pm  
Blogger Roderick said...

damn baboons ate my brekkie :(

7:02 pm  

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